PCB is an important part of electronic products, which exists in a large number of electronic waste. Therefore, study of recovery technology in metal and non-metal has vital significance.

  There are three main ways to recycle the waste PCB.
Gravity separation technology

Scrap PCB, then use the shaking table to separate the glass fiber and copper . The recovery rate of this method is low.

Fire melting technology

This is composed of the blast furnace smelting and the Kaldor furnace smelting. The blast furnace smelting: The waste PCB can be added into the blast furnace to get coarse copper ingot, but it may cause environmental pollution. The Kaldor furnace smelting: The waste PCB is directly added into the furnace to obtain the crude copper. This way does not pollute the environment, but the cost is high.

  Incineration and melting process

First preprocess PCB, then burn off the organics, and finally burned. The recovery rate of this method is the highest.

Meanwhile many other technologies are still being studied. With the increasing number of household electric appliances in China, we should pay more attention to the recycling of waste PCB.

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