When was the last time you had a problem with prototype PCB assembly supplier when you received your populated boards or needed something quickly but your supplier failed to keep their promise? Do you think all prototype PCB assembly  suppliers are same? No, FASTBOM is different .Depending on how many rejects or non-functional boards you end up with, the cost for testing, troubleshooting and repairs could add up really fast and consequently impact your bottom-line.

There’s nothing more embarrassing than shipping finished products off to your customers, only to find that they are faulty in nature. Arguably, that low price cheap assembly service provider doesn’t always equal to high quality, worry free product. when it comes to PCB prototype assembly or production quantities.

At FASTBOM, we stand behind our workmanship 100% with technical expertise to back it up.

FASTBOM has been helping PCB Designer, Engineers and Buyers for over 15 years. Let us help eliminate the frustration of dealing with multiple suppliers by providing…..

round_dot02Exceptional Service and On-Time delivery

round_dot02Reliable Quality, Competitive prices

round_dot02Quick turn-around Same-Day shipping of Double sided PCBs

round_dot0224-48Hhrs Prototype PCB Assembly Expedite Service

round_dot02SMT, THT, BGA, Micro-BGA Assembly down to 0201 to 52mm square QFPs

round_dot02Multi-Layer Complex PCB Designs, via-in-pad technologies, HDI boards

round_dot02Metal Core Aluminum PCBs for LED lighting products and more

If you need a Reliable partner for you next product manufacturing for prototype pcb assembly or low volume production, we would be happy to provide a no obligation quote for such efforts. All we need is Gerber data and Bill of Materials (BOM). Get a Fast PCB QuoteEmail us or Call us:86-755-23725796

At FASTBOM we are committed to service and guarantee 100% original components direct from our distributors when you order prototype PCB assembly or low volume production with us.

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