We have the subjective nature in the manual inspection process that resulting in the results of bias. Therefore, we will introduce AOI equipment for a comprehensive PCBA board inspection in the process of electronic production, but also improve the production efficiency and through rate. Especially for high-density complex surface-mount PCB, rely on manual visual inspection, neither reliable nor economic.aoi

At the same time, with the SMT technology used in the PCB circuit pattern refinement, SMC / SMD components of miniaturization, high density and rapid development of SMA assembly, decided we must use AOI equipment.
AOI inspection equipment has the following advantages:

1, to solve the structural examination problems of micro-packaged devices to ensure the quality of production;

2, improve the back-end test through rate, lower maintenance costs;

3, with the development of technology, AOI test program quickly and easily, reducing the production of a large number of test costs;

Modern electronic processing plants are developing in the direction of science. Enterprises need to continue to introduce all kinds of equipment in line with their own development, improve production efficiency and save production costs. Only progressive enterprises can survive in a competitive environment.

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