Are you thinking of using a rigid flex PCB for an application? If so, the initial as well as most apparent answer to the concern ‘why?’ is to make usage of the adaptability and also to allow movement between two standard boards– even if the activity is restricted to giving vibration resistance.

What is a Rigid-Flex Circuit Board?

This multi-layer printed circuit board has the qualities of both rigid and flexible interconnecting layers that allow designers to replace multiple interconnected PCBs with a single board so you can cut down on wasted space and create a more effective design.FASTBOM  based on China,  provides a variety of electronics manufacturing solutions, consisting of custom PCB manufacturing, flexible circuits, rigid flex PCB, PCB assembly, parts sourcing and electronic design at affordable costs and with the quick turn time.

For best quality PCB assembly and also PCB design and also operating the quickest delivery and also ideal costs, FASTBOM has actually become a preferred destination for worldwide big or tiny firms. They provide flex PCB assembly, layout and certification company for a small example to large volumes in a couple of hours delivery time, allowing firms to rapidly start their electronic devices manufacturing project. At the same time, they keep a budget friendly price for their flex PCB assembly or manufacturing solutions for also a tiny business to get the model for their item development.

FASTBOM is a low-cost China PCB manufacture that focuses on the automation of models operating a fast production process as well as at a minimized cost. The PCB manufacturing service consists of common PCB, HDI, metal core PCB, Flexible circuits, flex PCB, inflexible flex PCB and high frequency PCB. Every one of our PCBs are examined prior to distribution as well as they provide PCBs with ISO9001, CE and RoHS Certification.

We will work closely with you to ensure that your rigid-flex PCBs are manufactured to your exact specifications while meeting the highest IPC standards. If you have any PCB or PCBA projects prototypes or production, please feel free to contact us.

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