We specialize in PCB assembly more than 10 years, Our PCB equipped with many advanced machines, including eight SMT lines and three DIP line assembly.We assemble the BGA, the LGA, QFN, QFP, DIP, SIP.., we can install the smallest SMT footprint is 0201. Our factory can also provide programming, wiring and injection and conformal coating services.

Main Production and Inspection equipment (8 SMT LINE 3DIP LINE)


You can find some important PCB assembly steps below.

1.PCB SMD Assembly
Surface mount devices are miniaturized components that are placed directly mounted on the printed circuit board and get soldered on the same side.
Before any placement, solder paste is applied to board with respect to pads/connection through stencils. SMD assembly is mostly automated for mass production of PCB Assembly. Common automatic SMT placement machines can place thousands of components per hour, making this part of the assembly highly automated and fast. SMD assembly is an important part in PCB assembly step.
After SMD components are placed on PCB, it is directed to the reflow oven in order to mechanically bond the SMD terminal with plated copper of PCB, resulting in firm electrical and mechanical connection. After SMD assembly, inspection of board is performed to rectify any problem.

2. PCB Through-Hole Assembly
Through-Hole Assembly is also very important PCB Assembly step. .3. Testing, Cleaning and CoatingFully assembled board is tested, usually through bed-of-nail tester or flying-probe-tester in order to confirm the functionality of components. After this stage, board is cleaned (usually ultrasonic cleaner) to remove any reside of flux or soldering and then con-formal coating is applied to protect the board form any contamination.Now, assembled board is ready to be shipped/ placed inside the product. A typical fully assembled board is shown in the figure 1 below. for more posts, pls visit http://www.fastbom.com.

You can find some important PCB assembly steps below.

1.PCB assembly SMD
Surface mount device is installed directly on printed circuit boards and welding on the same side of the miniaturization of components.Before any place, solder paste was applied to plate relative to the solder/connection through templates.SMD assembly is mostly automated mass production of the PCB assembly.Common automatic SMT placement machine per hour can be placed thousands of components, makes the component this part of the highly automated, and fast.SMD assembly is an important part of PCB assembly steps.
Place the SMD components on the PCB after the reflow oven, so that the SMD PCB PCB plating copper mechanical joint, forming a strong electrical and mechanical connection.SMD assembly, the executive board of the check to correct any problems.

2. PCB through-hole components
Hole assembly PCB assembly step is also very important.
Larger components in through-hole packages are manually placed on PCB. Directional components like capacitors and LEDs are taken proper care in placement and visual/ camera inspection is performed. After inspection, components are soldered to the PCB through wave soldering in automated process or manual soldering in non-automated process.The larger through hole components are manually placed on the PCB.Directional components such as capacitors and LED the attention was properly in place and implement visual/camera to check.After checking, component by automating the process of wave soldering or welding to the PCB in the process of the automation of manual welding.

3.Test, cleaning and coating
Completely assembled board to be tested, usually by the nail bed tester or flying probe tester, to verify the functionality of the component.After this stage, the clean plate (usually ultrasonic cleaner) to remove any flux or solder residue, and then applying conformal coating to protect the plate forming (produce) any pollution.

for more posts, pls visit http://www.fastbom.com/


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