On FASTBOM, PCB Design and layout services are available for customers interested in assistance with their printed circuit board project.rc_pcb_layout

Our high tech specialties will provide all your PCB design with a solid reputation in high speed digital, analog, mixed-signal and RF systems. We design single, double, and high layer count (Up to 32 layers), Rigid, and Flex-Rigid printed circuit boards. We can design in rigid, rigid-flex PCB, or flex, of any shape or size.

PCB Design & Layout Services:

Schematic Capture
Component Footprint Capture
PCB Design
PCB Layout
Prototype Procurement

PCB Design & Layout Capabilities:

2 – 18+ Layers
Controlled Impedance
RF and Microwave Circuits
UL Certified Laminates
High Density Interconnects
Mixed Dielectrics
Controlled Depth Back Drill

Blind & Buried Vias
Epoxy and Conductive Fill
Bonded Heat Sinks
Metal Cores
Plated Edges & Cavities

Our mature engineering methodology ensures efficient, cost effective designs, done right the first time.  Designs can be provided using standard PCB design software:

  • Cadence (ORCAD & ALLEGRO)
  • CADSoft (EAGLE)
  • Mentor Graphics (PADS)
  • Altium (Altium Designer)

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Tell our experts what you need and we will provide you with the right printed circuit board, design, fabrication and assembly solution. Our goal is to create 100% satisfaction for our customers, to appreciate your business, and look forward to serving you.



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