Nowadays, as LED industry is quickly growing, LED lighting PCBA industry is  fast developing tendency in future;

Firstly, Let us discuss The Market share of LED PCB

LED PCB have big market share in the world

You know the science and technology have developing very fast.

LED industry have many new products.

LED can perform as DIP part or SMD part on PCB.

LED PCB now almost exist everywhere beside us.

Secondly,  The name of LED PCB

LED PCB, as known from it’s name, it is PCB to be mounted with LED.
Thirdly, The Heat dissipation of LED PCB

Usually for LED PCB, customer wants good performance on heat dissipation, then Aluminum material is preferred to be adopted in industry. Aluminum LED PCB is the carrier of heat conduction for LED and components, heat dissipation is mainly rely on area. Features of aluminum PCB: thin insulation layer, low thermal resistance; Nonmagnetic; Good heat dissipation; High mechanical strength

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