We’ve professional skills in supplying prototype board assembly with surface-mount (SMT), thru-hole (THT) and merged tech components.

Quick-turn and Good Value Prototype Assembling

Our Prototype PCB Assembly is a specialized service that allows us to take into account difficult designs, ready them for assembly, and test them out devoid of your needing to be worried about printed circuit board assembly workmanship. The prototype PCB assy area of our manufacturing unit contains an exclusive layout design which enables the versatile utilization of both semi-automatic or fully automatic and manual parts-loading stations. Our team is qualified and professional in maintaining fine-pitch components and BGAs for high-density FR-4 PCBs. Our team is efficient at manufacturing prototype PCB assy volumes of 1-25 printed circuit boards.

Turnkey PCB board assembly is our foremost work, even at the prototype level. We have hired master technical engineers and created beneficial instructions for each stage of the PCB fabricating process so our customers will be able to profit from our PCB prototyping, materials seeking and circuit board assembly services. Simultaneously, we offer a fractional Turnkey service that gives us the opportunity to assemble part kits based on the shopper’s standards.

Our circuit board assembly service consists of the sourcing of elements. This enables you to give full attention to what you do best: layout design. We have a devoted sourcing staff who negotiate with different suppliers and representatives to purchase materials according to customer requirements and wraps up these buying routines in a most effective way. We now have superior systems for the ideal choice of packaging (cut tape, tube, bulk, and so forth.) to lower the sum total. What is more, we’re capable of cross-referencing components and locating hard-to-find and old elements. Shoppers can be assured that when we replace components they are high standard for the reason that we just utilize the component numbers and manufacturers specified by the BOM. We will never alter your initial layout design. Element substitutions manifest only with your permission.

The last turn-key cost comes with assembly labor charges, bare board rates, and materials cost. On our website, it’s possible to receive a prompt web-based offer for prototype PC boards and assembly. It’ll give “PCB + Assembly ” expenses quickly. Prices are depending on the rates of Digi-Key, Mouser, Avnet, Arrow, Future,  or a certain provider. See our partners

We know the significance of prompt delivery. The sooner the components are acquired, the sooner we will commence PCB fabrication. We comprehensively assess engineering inquiries and related parts worries with our clients ahead of starting up board assembly. The average time taken for turnkey PCB assembly is 2 weeks, which may be further cut down if there are no hard-to-find elements or perhaps documentation error.

For a prototype assembly price quote, just e-mail the subsequent files to jenny@mokotechnology.com.cn:

  • Bill of Materials listing
  • Gerber files
  • Volume requested

We are eligible to deal with the whole process, which incorporates the seeking of all the elements (circuit board and elements), online order tracking and their management, circuit board assembly, quality control and shipping and delivery.

Now we have experts to present fast turn-around, prototype circuit board assembly with surface-mount (SMT), through-hole (THT) and mixed-technology components. Our effective, quick prototyping service crew are able to assemble circuit boards in just 24-hours.