First article inspection before SMD process

Before start SMD assembly, two steps be done in advance:
1.Prepare the latest BOM list and recheck if the label and the material are coincident, if any material has problem or not correct, our warehouse will feedback the questions and pictures to our FASTBOM system to inform our purchasing department to change,and our BOM department will make same notes in our ERP system,then for next orders, same mistake will not happen again.


2.Prepare components position file and pick-and-place file for assembly.
3.Program Burning if main IC has program; For some special model which can not be burned in advance, then this burning step will be done together with function testing.

After these ready, then start to produce first prototype.The first prototype is very important in assembly.We use it to check if the thickness of solder paste on board is good, if the position and direction of each board are correct, if any parts missing. Finishing first article inspection, then start SMD assembly for normal production.


First Completed sample before DIP process

Likewise, before start Dip process, our documentary handler will solder through hole parts for one board.This completed sample will be provided to the engineer department to test the function and provide pictures for customers checking.
After function testing done successfully, then the DIP production department will continue solder.

2 Years Quality Guarantee

In our factory, only workable boards will be shipped to our customers, and we offer 2 years quality guarantee for our boards.If any quality problem, we will fix or produce new to replace.All the expenses shall be borne by our company.