We are EMS/OEM printed circuit board(PCB) manufacturer. Our full range of PCB manufacturing service can fit all of your printed circuit board capability needs. Whether small quantity or large scale production, custom specifications or quick turn PCB etc., all are acceptable. For our company, no order is too small or too large.

1. 1~18 layers PCB boards, Multilayer, HDI, FPC

Our factory can manufacture single-sided board, double-sided board, multilayers PCB and even up to 18 layers. Whatever is FR4, CEM1, Aluminum, Rogers, PI ect., all are OK. Other specifications, please see below.

2. Good quality with fast lead time

Before production, our engineer will carefully check your design files and make final production file according to your other requirements, such as in single board or in panel, adding other silkscreen etc.. This production file can be sent to you if you want.
During production, high quality materials will be used, such Kingboard materials, Shengyi materials etc.

What’s more, after production, in order to guarantee no defective PCB boards shipped to you, Flying Probe Test will be applied for each PCB board in small order. While in large scale production, we will make a testing jig to pick out unqualified boards.
Besides good quality, fast lead time also can be offered for you, even can do within 24hours.


3. Automatic Online Quote & Mail Quote

To rapidly give you a quotation, now PCB online quote and mail quote are offered. Anyone of them, you can get the price quote quickly. PCB online quote, please use the form below. After inputting all specifications, then you will get price instantly. While mail quote, please help to send design file(Gerber file, Eagle file, PCB file or CAD file all are OK) to us, generally, price will be given to you within one day.

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