Everyone in the industry of electronics manufacturing knows that PCB is the board that to land all the ICs and Components together to make any platform for these ICs and Components to complete one logic or multi logic tasks, till it becomes one of the intelligent platform.

PCBA is PCB + Assemblied all IC and components. just put a case and interface to make its completed product.

So how is the PCB to be made?
PCB is consisted of what’s kind of materials, and how to make one PCB? how many kinds of PCB is there? any special treatment to be done for special applications? etc do you know it? and after make one PCB, what’s next?

Now let FASTBOM have a briefly introduction to you for the assembly procedure after PCB finish.

In fact after PCB finish and test,it will go to SMT factory, and factory just like FASTBOM will compare all the components with PCB pads in advance to make sure the components have no problem to soldering on PCB.

Then we will arrange to put ICs BGAs and SMT components at a very high accuracy SMT machines, with many tools such as AOI, X-rays, etc to make sure that all ICs and components are on the right placed and solder well.

after SMT, it will go to DIP lines, where the SMT can’t process. At this stage FASTBOM will arrange many workers there, by manual put the DIP components and soldering, solidated with wave-solder, after this DIP then it goes to testing.

At the TEST stage, there are visual inspection and functional test.Customers provide functional test method,then FASTBOM will make test jig as per customer’s requirement and start program and test,in this procedure,all the cost is free of charge.The compliance program normally be provided for checking the routing and the functions are whether is corrected,there will be one stage- AGING stage, of which allow the tolerant test and make sure that it can be outstanding the operating environment that it ‘s designed to be.

After test, it will go to the packing line for logistical, the packing stage will makes the labels, and SN, etc for out business check and commercial purpose.. of which will use one UPC code etc for selling on the super market, where can be scanned with a price and product information.

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