Heavy Copper PCBs are printed circuit boards with 3 or more ounces of finished copper in the inner and/or outer layers.

Thermal management is more important than ever today as electronics are used in demanding environments and operate at higher currents. Heavy copper PCBs (copper conductors 5 oz/ft² – 19 oz/ft²  in inner and/or outer layers; sometimes defined as more than 4 oz per square foot (ft²)) can help conduct heat away from components so failure is greatly reduced. PCB manufacturers create durable wiring platforms with heavy copper. The resulting PC boards conduct electricity better and are more capable of withstanding thermal stress. These boards can be manufactured in a smaller footprint as they can contain multiple weights of copper on the same circuit layers.

Applications Of Heavy Copper PCB Boards
It helps in the dispersion of heat and reduces its core temperature. This application keeps the device safe by itself from any damage. It is able to transfer the heat of the component at a much faster rate.

It is a high frequency PCB and limited to only those who cannot be cooled by using conventional fan-cooling technique. The boards laminate, scatter and eliminate heat by making the device much cooler and therefore, the devices’ performance improves and increases their performance.

Heavy Copper PCB is made of a mixture consisting of various special alloys. Also Heavy Copper PCB is estimated to be 8 to 9 times faster than the other contemporary PCBs.

It is also useful for saving the performance of LED devices and from getting effected. It is necessary to use high density Heavy Copper PCB Board while using LED devices.
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The benefits of heavy copper PCBs include:

Reduction of thermal strain

Better current conductivity

Can survive repeated thermal cycling

Smaller PCB size due to layering of copper

Increased connector site strength

PCB manufacturers will check with customers and find out what their requirements are, and match the heavy copper fabrication process to specific needs. It will be important to know for example, the component type, layer count, and material requirements. The PCB manufacturer can quote the customer and present the pros and cons of using heavy copper. Advances in technology have created a process that utilizes both plating and edging.

FASTBOM offers heavy copper capabilities, all the way up to what is sometimes defined as Extreme Copper (up to 20 oz.). Discover more about our advanced manufacturing capabilities to meet your unique product demands and design criteria.

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