If you are looking for dedicated PCB assembly and prototyping services, consider the expertise and professionalism of high-end technicians, who have vast experience in the domain. PCB prototyping, assembly, and production demand specialized knowledge and expertise that only a professional analysts possesses, delivering quality solutions in a cost-effective manner. There are several advantages of consulting an experienced PCB assembly expert, ensuring you get a fantastic value for the money. For an experienced and reputable company such as FASTBOM , we do not only offer contract manufacturing but consultation and design service for PCB assembly. Compare to our peers in China, we offer a wider spectrum of services, catering to the discerning needs of our clients globally.

FASTBOM offers excellent quality and reliable pcb assembly services, leveraging the latest technology to provide tailored solutions to meet your unique requirements. Whether you demand full production PCB assembling or fast turnaround prototyping, the services are carefully selected and monitored to suit your unique needs. At the same time, we ensure that product manufacturing and assembling is achieved as per the regulatory, customer, and environmental requirements. Hiring professional expertise ensures that there is an uncompromised commitment to quality, customer specifications, and on-time delivery.

FASTBOM  has vast experience in PCB industry, with unmatched capabilities of efficiently handling fine pitch CSP and BGA devices, test capabilities, hand loading, the ability to achieve consigned assembling as compared to turnkey circuit card assembly service, inventory management and control, ability to cross reference the parts, and component procurement capability. It is also important to have the necessary flexibility to achieve machine loading as compared to hand loading, which is an integral component of PCB assembly. At the same time, RayMing Technology specializes in circuit card assembling, providing turnkey solutions in assembling, modules, and systems, with testing and coasting capabilities.
Typically, the services offered by us encompass the followings:

ROSH/lead free PCB assembling and prototyping
High volume assembly and prototype
Surface mount assembly
Through-hole assembly
Mixed technology assembly

PCB assembling services are offered across industries, encompassing military, household appliances, telecommunication, medical and so forth. It is important for the company to be flexible to meet unique needs of the clients. Hiring a professional PCB prototyping, assembly and production company also helps in fantastic cost savings as compared to a pure contract manufacturer who only focuses on the manufacturing aspect of it.

Call us today for your PCB design and manufacturing need. Our top rated customer service and engineers would be happy to discuss with you and come up with a solution for your PCB needs.

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