PCB Applications And Also Our Customer Cases


An LED driver is actually an electrical unit that manages the power to an LED or a string (or multiple strings of) of LEDs. An LED driver reacts to the varying requirements of the LED, or LED circuit, by supplying a constant quantity of power to the LED simply because its electrical properties vary with temp..

Power Control System PCB Board

Power Control System (PCS) can provide functions for automated generation control , load forecasting, renewables forecasting, economic dispatching, interchange transaction scheduling, unit commitment, as well as load shedding.

Wireless Relay Control Board

Wireless Relays include firmware that are part of the board which will enable you to control one relay each time, a bank of relays or all relays at a time with manual and automatic refreshing command set. Wireless Relay Controllers make it possible for wireless computer controlled switching and mount as a COM port on your PC. Wireless Relays are preferably designed for applications which need data collection and control from just one device.

Electrical Switch PCB Circuit board

An electric switch is any device used to disrupt the flow of electrons in a circuit. Switches are fundamentally binary devices: they’re either completely on (“closed”) or completely off (“open”). You will discover a variety of kinds of switches, Toggle switches, Pushbutton switches, Selector switches , and a lot more.

Road Marking Machine Control Board

A road marking machine (also known as road marking equipment, pavement marking equipment) is a mechanical device which makes road marks on flat surfaces. Road marking machines normally can be split up into 3 different types: thermoplastic paint, cold paint as well as two-component paint type, based on the coatings.

Stepper Motor Driver Controller Board

Driving a stepper motor is somewhat more challenging than driving a brushed DC motor. Stepper motors need a stepper controller to energize the phases in a well-timed sequence to make the motor turn.

Cardiac Pacemaker PCB Board

A pacemaker is a tiny electrical unit which can be used to cure certain abnormal heart rates which can induce your heart to beat too slowly or lose beats. A few pacemakers will also help the chambers of your heart beat in the correct rhythm.

Medical ECG Heart Monitor Sensor Board

Heart rate monitors deliver instant feedback on how hard you’re working out to enable you to adjust to obtain the ideal benefit from your exercise routine.

Medical Smart Wristband Circuit Board

In general, smart wristbands and associated services can help users remain connected with their physical fitness and health. Many of these can connect easily with mobile phones, automobiles, or perhaps medical care trackers.

Medical Power Supply PCB Board

Medical equipment generally demands lengthier design cycles than other kinds of equipment and medical equipment designers frequently call for more design support from the power supply supplier. Furthermore, medical equipment typically has higher lifespan expectations than many other equipment. As a result, power supplies assigned as medical-grade usually have to be backed up by the power supply supplier for years.

Patient Monitor Motherboard

Patient monitors make it easier for a doctor to keep track of the required vitals in order that he always keeps tabs on his patients’ health conditions.

Medical Display Circuit Board

Board Spec:
Base Material: FR4 Standard Tg140C
Layer: 2
Thickness(Finished board): 1.6mm
Surface Finish: HASL/Lead-free HASL
Copper weight(Finished): 1oz(35um)
Assembly process: ROHS-Lead Free
Standard: ROHS,CE and UL (100% E-Testing for PCB)
Application: Display
Assembly Testing:
Visual Inspection: Check solder missing, solder wrong, sealing-off, insufficient solder
AOI Inspection: Check short and open circuit
After finishing assembly process,engineer burn the hex file then start function testing. Testing procedure is provided by customer.

Water Pump Controller PCB Board

Digital fully Automatic Water Pump Controller constantly watches the liquid level of the overhead tank and reservoir. The Automatic pump controller regulates the water pumps and turns it On / off with regards to the level in the water tank. This auto-switching feature saves manpower. Therefore you don’t need to get the job done by hand.

Water Level Controller Board

Agricultural Sprayer Control Board

In agriculture, a sprayer is a item of equipment which is used to dab weed killers, pesticide sprays, and manure on farming plants. Sprayers vary in dimensions from man-portable units (generally back packs with spray guns) to trailed sprayers which are attached to a tractor, to self-propelling units much like tractors, with boom mounts of 60 to 151 ft. long.

Power Saving Uninterruptible Telecom Cooling System

Drip Irrigation System Control Board

Drip irrigation, is an watering approach which saves water and manure through getting water to trickle slowly and gradually to the plant’s roots , either onto the soil surface or straight onto the root area, via a network of valves, water pipes, tubes, as well as emitters.

Automatic Irrigation System Circuit Board

Automatic irrigation is the employment of a device to manage irrigation structures hence the adjustment of flow of water from one bay, or set of bays, to another one can take place even without the irrigation equipment.

Interface Box PCB Board

Board Spec:
Base Material:FR4 Standard Tg140C
Thickness(Finished board):1.6mm
Surface Finish:HASL
Copper weight(Finished):35um
Assembly process:ROHS-Lead Free
Standard:ROHS,CE and UL (100% E-Testing for PCB)
Application:Interface board
Assembly Testing:
Visual Inspection : Check solder missing, solder wrong, sealing-off, insufficient solder.
All through-hole parts are assembled on the board,the dip process is finished by automatic AI machine.In order to save production cost,our engineer could revise the dip drawing to smd parts for customers’ reference.

Bluetooth Audio Receiver Digital Amplifier Board


GPRS/GSM Quad-band Module (SIM900) provides GPRS connection to your Arduino board.
It incorporates the SIM900 communication module produced by SIMCom. An antenna is essential so that you can set up a communication.
You are able to send Text message, call someone or set up TCP and UDP sockets as a way to send the data to the web. HTTP and FTP protocols are made available that allows you to send the info to the cloud straight from your Arduino.


Wireless intercom systems provide the ease of free conversation for moving users, while offering the power, versatility and audio quality of wired systems.

Audio Mixer Mainboard

Audio Video Recording Device PCBA

Smart Curtain Control PCB

GPS Wireless Receiver Board

A GPS receiver wirelessly adds high-accuracy GPS to gadgets, enabling them to be used with applications which need GPS, which include apps for flight handling, car and marine navigation, golfing, geocaching, trekking, bicycling and various other activities.

Elevator Power Controller Board

Remote Display Control Board For Distance Tripmeter

Gate Operator Control PCB Board

Car Camera DVR Video Recorder PCB Board


300M WIFI Router Motherboard

A wireless router is actually a device which does the capabilities of a router and in addition comes with the functions of a wireless access-point. It’s utilized to offer internet connection or a private network system.

Smart Bluetooth Light Circuit Board




NodeMcu Lua WIFI Demoboard


Wireless alarm system are able to send sms message,in-built quad-band GSM frequency communicator. Dealing with both SIM card and wired telephone line. Hybrid alarm systems consist of cellular zones and traditional hardwired zones. With superior features like entry/exit delay, zone attribute, event log, door-bell plus much more. Safeguard your belongings from theft, break-ins, fire, flood and many more.


Fingerprint Doorlock Motherboard

Fingerprint Door Locks offers biometric access control and fingerprint identification devices for door locks, electronic keyless locks, fingerprint door locks applying biometric fingerprint technology.

GPS Tracker Circuit Board

The GPS Tracker is a small-sized device which will keep track of precisely where your automobile, boat or plane has journeyed as time passes. It’s supposed to be wired into the ignition of your vehicle and then overlooked.

Fire Alarm System Control Board

A fire alarm system is lots of devices cooperating to pick up on and alert people by means of visual and audio appliances when smoke, fire, deadly carbon monoxide or other emergencies occur. These alarms can be triggered automatically from smoke sensors, and heat sensors or can also be turned on via hand-operated fire alarm activation devices like manual call points or pull stations.

Smoke Alarm Circuit Board

Curtain Controller Board

WIreless Camera Door Bell Circuit Board

Control Board For Electric Household Appliances

Phone Remote Control Touch Switch

Sweeping Robot PCB

Bluetooth Cup