Chipsetter ONE: Desk Pick-And-Place Device

Enjoy the video media down the page to read more related to this unique assembly device that is good for any workplace surroundings.

As expected Chipsetter has released a fresh Desktop Pick-And-Place System using the Kickstarter crowdfunding site with the target of obtaining CAD $140,000 in the coming 4 weeks.

The Chipsetter desktop system has actually been created to offer developers, manufacturers and fans with a responsible and inexpensive desktop pick-and-place device, which will let you build your individual printed circuit board prototypes.

With your individual PCB assembly device you will be prepared to get your designs to marketplace more quickly, maybe even accomplish small to medium sized production runs.

Few elements of circuit board development are as dull as putting electronics components manually. Contractors can easily assemble small batches, but nevertheless , will pay 2 weeks – 1 month as well as $1000 on every design cycle.

Motivated by desktop 3D printing technology, we attempt to build a handy while affordable device. We knew that to be practical it would need to truly save you commitment. To achieve that, our solution would need to be fairly well-performing, and we would need to improve and even remove the setup time difficulty.

We set about this project after assembling lots of PCBs within the past ten years. Pulling SMT equipment sizes, along with new access to low-priced prototype PCB fabrication services meant we were developing even more circuit boards than before, and continually experiencing the soreness of manual assembly. Our questionnaire of accessible solutions unveiled established desktop equipment was either too pricey, or unstable. We called for something better, and we realized all the electronics designers similar to us needed it way too. As a result we thought we would act.

When other solutions have moved far from single tape feeders towards arrays of tape slots, so many users have complained at how troublesome this has made it to setup and modify over jobs. we chose to focus on an reasonable feeder solution, which required our staff to design an affordable detachable electronic feeder system from the start. It is our intention to permit owners of the Chipsetter ONE to own a adequate number of feeders to put an end to time wasted exchanging tape between feeders within a change-over. Chipsetter Tape Feeders can be easily packed and unloaded from the Chipsetter ONE, which makes mechanical and electrical connections in one fast movement.


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