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You should understand the known-ledge of the LED Lighting PCB

You should understand the known-ledge of the LED Lighting PCB

Now more and more people know LED PCB widely is used in more and more areas because of it’s Energy Saving and Environmental Protection. This will be a great challenge for LED Lighting PCB supplier.So the demand of LED PCB have increased, or in other words LED PCB factory has more demands. That’s the reason […]

What Does It Take To Be A Premier PCB Manufacturer?

What Does It Take To Be A Premier PCB Manufacturer?

With all the choices out there for PCB Manufacturers, how you do you find a partner who has all the tools necessary to exceed your requirements? First, you have to look for a company that has the experience to get your Quick turn PCB project completed on schedule. Next, you want a company that can […]

You must know the Important Introduction of PCB Prototype

PCB prototype is the most important part and tool for any engineer in electronics PCB manufacturing and assembly. PCB prototype is extremely vital, while you  are starting from designing to finished electronic products, gadgets or appliances. It allows testing a given design to find out if it will work or not. This way one can […]

FASTBOM PCB Assembly steps in PCB Mass Production

We specialize in PCB assembly more than 10 years, Our PCB equipped with many advanced machines, including eight SMT lines and three DIP line assembly.We assemble the BGA, the LGA, QFN, QFP, DIP, SIP.., we can install the smallest SMT footprint is 0201. Our factory can also provide programming, wiring and injection and conformal coating services. […]

Pay close attention to LED lighting PCB industry

Nowadays, as LED industry is quickly growing, LED lighting PCBA industry is  fast developing tendency in future; Firstly, Let us discuss The Market share of LED PCB LED PCB have big market share in the world You know the science and technology have developing very fast. LED industry have many new products. LED can perform as […]

How To reduce PCB Assembly Costs?

Today, FASTBOM will discuss a problem that everyone is concerned about. that is about PCB assembly price. In an application, the cost of the printed circuit board has a huge impact on the overall price of the product. Hence, it is important to incorporate any and all steps that help in reducing this expenditure. Listed below […]

How to avoid PCB board warp? 

How to avoid PCB board warp? 

First of all, why should PCB flat? If the car on an assembly line of circuit boards, may result in inaccurate positioning, or components cannot be inserted into the hole, can not be installed to the solder, even damage the machine.If the PCB assembly after bending, is very difficult to cut component pins and tidy.Assembled PCBA […]

Do you think all Prototype PCB Assembly Suppliers are Same?

When was the last time you had a problem with prototype PCB assembly supplier when you received your populated boards or needed something quickly but your supplier failed to keep their promise? Do you think all prototype PCB assembly  suppliers are same? No, FASTBOM is different .Depending on how many rejects or non-functional boards you end up with, the cost […]

Smarter Printed Circuit Board Design to Achieve Uncomplicated Assemblage

Smarter Printed Circuit Board Design to Achieve Uncomplicated Assemblage This is conclusive evidence that keeping the cost of your Circuit Boards and their assembling low is an important part of planning your order. We’ve compiled a list of Electronic Board design suggestions to assist you with your Electronic Circuit Board design for easier assembling job. The […]

FASTBOM PCB Assembly Service Introduces

Simply introduce of FASTBOM FASTBOM is Shenzhen, China based manufacturer. FASTBOM is an extended sub-brand owned by MOKO Technology Inc. FASTBOM is targeted on PCB service ranging from PCB prototype, PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, circuit board design to component sourcing Why FASTBOM provide PCBA service More and more customer asks for PCBA quote. And we […]