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Three Important Methods of PCB Recycling

PCB is an important part of electronic products, which exists in a large number of electronic waste. Therefore, study of recovery technology in metal and non-metal has vital significance.   There are three main ways to recycle the waste PCB. Gravity separation technology Scrap PCB, then use the shaking table to separate the glass fiber […]

How to Reduce PCB Cost ?

The total cost of the production of  has advanced with the the growth of the cost of circuit board materials and labor costs and so on. Manufactures have to consider how to ensure quality while reducing production costs in order to occupy the PCB market. PCBA main costs include PCB board costs, component procurement costs […]

It is Very Vital to Control Temperature and Humidity in the Process of PCB Assembly

it is very vital to Control Temperature and Humidity in the Process of PCB Assembly

In the PCB assembly factory, processing factory generally control the entire production environment to manufacture better PCB products and prevent defective products, then the customers will be satisfied. So the electronic factory has more requirements on the production plant. And sometimes PCB processing process will be very expensive and easy to loss of electronic components […]

What is LED PCB?

LED means light emitting diode,PCB is printed Circuit board So, LED PCB is printed circuits board for light emitting diode. Currently in order to provide LED lighting’s life, LED lighting factory always use Metal core PCB for solder the LEDs Chip to the Circuit boards! As Metal Core PCB means the base material for PCB […]

How to do from PCB to PCBA?

Everyone in the industry of electronics manufacturing knows that PCB is the board that to land all the ICs and Components together to make any platform for these ICs and Components to complete one logic or multi logic tasks, till it becomes one of the intelligent platform. PCBA is PCB + Assemblied all IC and components. just […]

To prevent PCB defects with AOI

In the world of electronic products, Printed Circuit Board is an important role, it’s hard to imagine that one functional electronic products have no PCB, so the PCB quality will have big influence for electronic products if can work well. It’s important that FASTBOM always pay the most attention to improve PCB quality. 1. integrated online visual inspection In order to detect the resulting defects in […]

the Basic Cause of Printed Circuit Board Failures

PCBs (Printed circuit boards), are the dynamic forces forming the core of each and everything that we use ordinarily and are the driving forces behind almost everything we use today—smart phones, control panels for industrial machines, the display screens at fast food restaurants.  When a PCB fails or fails to function, it disrupts both our […]

Rigid Flex PCB Manufacturing Services

Are you thinking of using a rigid flex PCB for an application? If so, the initial as well as most apparent answer to the concern ‘why?’ is to make usage of the adaptability and also to allow movement between two standard boards– even if the activity is restricted to giving vibration resistance. What is a […]

China Manufacturing Businesses Providing Top Quality PCB Board Fabricating + PCBA Services

China Manufacturing Businesses Providing Top Quality PCB Board Fabricating + PCBA Services A-TECH CIRCUITS CO.,LTD. A-TECH CIRCUITS CO.,LIMITED Profile Based on : A-TECH CIRCUITS CO.,Ltd is a agreement Electronic Circuit Board mfg service provider situated in Shenzhen China, which concentrate on fast turn printed circuit board prototype, small to medium quantity PWB fabricating and […]

FASTBOM PCB Assembly steps in PCB Mass Production

We specialize in PCB assembly more than 10 years, Our PCB equipped with many advanced machines, including eight SMT lines and three DIP line assembly.We assemble the BGA, the LGA, QFN, QFP, DIP, SIP.., we can install the smallest SMT footprint is 0201. Our factory can also provide programming, wiring and injection and conformal coating services. […]