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The Vital significance of from Efficient PCB Prototyping to Successful PCB Assembly

The Vital significance of from efficient PCB prototyping and Successful PCB Assembly

PCB is the most common name but may also be called printed circuit boards. It is a board that has lines and pads that connect various points together. In the picture above, there are traces that electrically connect the various connectors and components to each other. A PCB allows signals and power to be routed […]

Three Important Methods of PCB Recycling

PCB is an important part of electronic products, which exists in a large number of electronic waste. Therefore, study of recovery technology in metal and non-metal has vital significance.   There are three main ways to recycle the waste PCB. Gravity separation technology Scrap PCB, then use the shaking table to separate the glass fiber […]

How to Reduce PCB Cost ?

The total cost of the production of  has advanced with the the growth of the cost of circuit board materials and labor costs and so on. Manufactures have to consider how to ensure quality while reducing production costs in order to occupy the PCB market. PCBA main costs include PCB board costs, component procurement costs […]

What is The Significance and Advantages of AOI inspection Equipment in SMT Production ?

We have the subjective nature in the manual inspection process that resulting in the results of bias. Therefore, we will introduce AOI equipment for a comprehensive PCBA board inspection in the process of electronic production, but also improve the production efficiency and through rate. Especially for high-density complex surface-mount PCB, rely on manual visual inspection, […]

Why customers prefer FASTBOM PCB assembly service?

Why customers prefer FASTBOM PCB assembly service?

If you are looking for dedicated PCB assembly and prototyping services, consider the expertise and professionalism of high-end technicians, who have vast experience in the domain. PCB prototyping, assembly, and production demand specialized knowledge and expertise that only a professional analysts possesses, delivering quality solutions in a cost-effective manner. There are several advantages of consulting […]

Where is Future Outlets of Flexible PCB Manufacturers?

Where is Future Outlets of Flexible PCB Manufacturers?

In recent years, electronic products meet the demand trend of being light,thin and short, which makes the FPC transfer from military products to civilian products, especially to consumer electronic products. Almost all of the high-tech electronic products emerged in recent years use a large number of FPC. But with the development of science and technology, […]

It is Very Vital to Control Temperature and Humidity in the Process of PCB Assembly

it is very vital to Control Temperature and Humidity in the Process of PCB Assembly

In the PCB assembly factory, processing factory generally control the entire production environment to manufacture better PCB products and prevent defective products, then the customers will be satisfied. So the electronic factory has more requirements on the production plant. And sometimes PCB processing process will be very expensive and easy to loss of electronic components […]

How to make the PCB quickly and well ?

With the development of the electronic industry, the production of electronic products is increasing, and the demand for the production of electronic products is also increasing.How to make the PCB quickly and well has become an important issue for many PCB designers.Only the rapid production of PCB with high precision, high performance and cost savings  […]

The opportunity and challenge of HDI PCB

The opportunity and challenge of HDI PCB

With the rapid development of electronic technology, intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer and other wearable devices are toward multifunctional and functional direction. And high density interconnect PCB technology is rising, referred to as the HDI technology.The rapid development of HDI technology means that the number of layers and the components accommodated on the PCB increase […]

How to Identify the Printed Circuit board Quickly?

In most people’s view, regardless of the quality of the circuit board, the surface looks almost the same, but we have to identify the quality of them through the similar appearance. We only need a few simple steps of judge to analyze its durability and the corresponding function after we get a piece of PCB. […]