FASTBOM is devoted to a wide range of PCB services from PCB prototype, PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, circuit board design to component sourcing.

Founded in 2001, China Shenzhen, we are a professional EMS company, which provides one-stop or partially turnkey contract electronic manufacturing service(EMS) including PCB board manufacturing and PCB assembly.

With our ISO 9001:2008 certified plant, we outcomes up to 10,000 square meters of PCBs and 400,000 PCBs monthly. For Assembly, utilizing 8 high-speed SMT production lines from Yamaha and Sony, to meet customers’ need. Also, we have a strict system for quality control. Each and every PCB board has to be tested via AOI after SMD process. And before DIP soldering, one completed sample is a must to test its function. Only after the sample is confirmed by our engineer department/customers, then mass production will be started.

The strategy of owning the value chain has enabled FASTBOM to excel in not only production but also in R&D, project management quality and logistics. FASTBOM has reached a universal structure with its modern management systems, innovative technologies and use of ERP. Customers could check the order status by themselves via our system.

Our goal is to create 100% satisfaction for our customers and business partners, to develop win-win relationships.

Our Certificates

Our Happy Clients from the world

Clients throughout the globe and all industries have found FASTBOM is one of the most simple, fastest way to get accomplished low to mid-volume PCB boards assemblies. We care about our customers and endeavor to maintain long-term partnership with them! We deserve the smiles on their faces! You next partner could be us! Contact us now!

Advanced Equipment for Assembly Process

Full-automatic Screen Printer-DSP1008

Printing precision-0.02mm
Printing speed-9s/pcs
Printing size-Min 50*50mm;Max 400*340mm

Yamaha YG200 SMT Equipment

Mounting Accuracy: 0.05mm
Mount Speed: 0.08s/chip
Mount Range: 0603(0201)mm-14mm

Yamaha YV88-XG SMT Equipment

Mounting Accuracy: 0.04mm
Mount Speed: 0.35s/chip
Mount Range: 0603(0201)mm-36mm

Yamaha YV100XGP SMT Equipment

Mount Speed: 0.18s/chip
Mount Speed: 0.35s/chip
Mount Range: 0603(0201)mm-31mm

VCTAB486 AOI Equipment

Positioning Accuracy <0.15mm
Moving Speed:700mm/s
Measurable minimum element:0201
Measurable PCB range: 25*25mm-340*480mm

X-ray UNI-AX8200

Reflow Soldering: XPM²820

Automatic Wave Soldering System WS-4501