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FASTBOM(MOKO) in Electronica 2016

As a PCB and PCB Assembly manufacturer from China,now FASTBOM(MOKO)is attending Electonica 2016 in Munich(4 days from Tue., 08.11.2016 to Fri., 11.11.2016) like usual years,it is our 4th time to join this big electronics party which let us know and get the chance to cooperate with customer who has need of PCB and PCBA. As you know, […]

How Are Single Sided Printed Circuit Boards Made?

Single Sided PCBs

Single sided PCBs have been around since the late 1950s and still dominate the world market in sheer piece volume. For Single-sided PCB, the components are on one side, conducting wires are on the other side, single sided PCB is the most simple and basic PCB board. Single Sided PCBs contain only one layer of […]

Multi-Layer PCB Boards Manufacturing Capabilities Of FASTBOM

Multi-Layer PCB Boards Manufacturing 

Do you manufacture advanced electronics circuits and require multilayer circuit boards? Do you need your PCBs in hand as fast as possible? For the best multilayer printed circuit boards and the fast turn, trust FASTBOM. How fast? We offer full-service printed circuit board manufacturing with two options: Standard&Custom Spec. All boards are inspected to IPC-A600 class. Choosing […]

The Approach of Advanced Turnkey PCB Electronics Assembly

We all know, The traditional approach to PCB assembly and electronics manufacturing is expensive, slow, error prone, and frankly, intimidating for many manufacturers. It was designed to support huge orders, with long lead times, not prototypes and small batch runs. Fortunately, new turnkey PCB assembly services are stepping up to meet the needs of today’s […]

The Application and Advantage of FPB(Flex Printed Circuit Boards)

The Application and Advantage of FPB(Flex Printed Circuit Boards) As We know, A Flex PCB(Flex Printed Circuit Board) is a patterned arrangement of printed circuitry and components that utilizes flexible based material with or without flexible coverlay. Like rigid PCB, FPC includes single side FPC, double side FPC and Multi-layer FPC. A Single-sided Flexible Circuit(FPC) is the single […]

FASTBOM Join Electronica 2016,Munich,Germany

FASTBOM Join Electronica 2016,Munich,Germany ,Date:Nov.8-11,2016;Booth#C4.258/6 Join the Electronica 2016 for our PCBA at 2016 in Munich, Germany  on Nov. 8th, 2016E-Nov.11th,2016. Exhibit Hours: 9am – 6pm,  (Booth #: C4.258/6). The Electronica fair encompasses the entire PCB&Components industry and brings together engineers,designers,fabricators,assemblers and managers to take advantage of unique opportunities to improve skills, increase knowledge and network with Candy, colleagues and experts…, The address is as blow: New Munich Exhibition Center,Germany FASTBOM warm welcome every customer to come!

Hard Gold Plating PCB Surface Process Technology

In order to improve the wear resistance of products,increase the number of plug of gold finger, hard gold plating surface is necessary. hard gold plating surface is one of the most important process in PCB manufacturing, It forms a critical interface between component and PCB board. Basically the surface treatment has two essential functions. One is […]