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How to Pick a PCB Assy Manufacturer in China Shenzhen

How to Pick a PCB Assy Manufacturer in China Shenzhen Suppose you discover a product thought or you have market channels for certain products, and you want to find a supplier in China as a consequence of low product development cost and low production cost there. If you Search for the product name or concept, […]

Perfect Industry Depend on Paying Attention on FR4 PCB

FR4 Printed Circuit Board

The introduction of FR4 PCB FR-4, is a widely acceptable international grade desination for fiberglass reinforced epoxy laminated that are flame retardant (self extinguishing). After add copper layer on one or each side FR4, it become to Copper Clad Laminate (CCL), and this is the non-conductive core materail for normal printed cricuit board (PCB). Printed […]

Led Aluminum PCB Technology of FASTBOM

Led is a very hot product now,which caused many Led-related industries have also been a different concern and increase the production.As the core of Led products, Led PCB and PCBA is very important.Usually the basic material of Led board is Aluminum,as it has a better thermal conductivity than other materials. Aluminum Led PCB is composed of circuit layer(copper […]

Heavy Copper in PCB Design

Today we would like to discuss the topic of the heavy copper.Thermal management is more important than ever today as electronics are used in demanding environments and operate at higher currents. Heavy copper PCBs (copper conductors 5 oz/ft² – 19 oz/ft²  in inner and/or outer layers; sometimes defined as more than 4 oz per square foot […]

Focusing On High Frequency Printed Circuit Boards

Focusing On High Frequency Printed Circuit Boards

Nowadays, electronic devices with high frequency is the developing tendency , The increasing complexity of electronic components and switches continually requires faster signal flow rates, and thus higher transmission frequencies. Thus developing new products always need to use high frequency substrate, satellite system, mobile telephone receiving base station and so on, these communication products must […]

FASTBOM have SIX Methods to check the short or broken of PCB!

As we know, inspection is an important way to make PCB’s quality.We will use all kinds of inspection method to increase the efficiency of PCB. Following are some PCB measuring methods list for checking PCB is short or not. 1.Manual soldering,we should have good habits.First of all, Visual inspect the PCB before soldering, and use […]

Select Proper material for High voltage Low Current PCB and RF PCB

PCB has two kinds of raw materials: organic substrate materials and inorganic substrate material. The most commonly used raw material is organic substrate materials. How to use the raw material depends on the layer, layer will use different raw materials, such as 3 ~ 4 layer must use prefabricated composite material, most of the two layer glass epoxy resin […]

Quick Turn PCB Service is Available On FASTBOM

Now more and more terminal devices in our normal life. Now more and more terminal devices in our normal life. Quick-turn PCB assembly are widely used for the telecommunications, consumer electronics, industrial equipment, medical, military and aerospace industries. Offering a Quick Turn PCB service is very necessary for most PCB companies and enterprise. Quick turn […]

Why Fastbom pay more attention on multi-layer printed circuit board ?

With the development of science and technology,the multilayer PCB is used more and more widely. The mltilayer PCB is very useful in high-speed is mainly used in professional electronic equipment,such computers and military equipment, especially in the case of the overload of weight and volume.The mltilayer PCB is very useful in high-speed circuit. The mltilayer pcb can provide more […]

How to use a breadboard?

An electronics breadboard is actually referring to a solder-less breadboard. These are great units for making temporary circuits and prototyping, and they require absolutely no soldering. Prototyping is the process of testing out an idea by creating a preliminary model from which other forms are developed or copied, and it is one of the most common uses for […]