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Why Choose FASTBOM As Electronics Manufacturing Service?

in electronics manufacturing services, Turn-key, on-demand PCB electronics manufacturing services are a relatively new type of business that has been built to serve the needs of Kickstarter creators and other entrepreneurs, small businesses, hobbyists, and technology experts who has an innovative idea and the skills to build the board design. Not all PCB electronics supplier […]

Just make PCBA simply smart

After the decades of improvement in technology and science, many new electronic products were built within quite limited time than before. And, nowadays, many new creative projects have been shown on the funding platform like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. There are lots of designers aim to take their idea on such platform and obtain the support […]

How to Save PCB Assembly Turn Around Time

No company and nobody wants to wait for their boards to be assembled for weeks . For any tech company, quick turnaround time is a top-level priority. After all, it’s imperative for businesses to bring their products to market as fast as possible—before their competitors. few factors determine a business’s quick turnaround capabilities. Among the largest and […]

A Successful Project depends on Choosing a reliable PCB Manufacturing Partner

Whether you are a supplier, a small business, an engineer, or a manufacturer, choosing the reliable PCB manufacturing partner is critical to the success of your product or project. With the right approach to printed circuit board design and manufacturing, a business can gain a significant time-to-market advantage over its competitors. If you don’t make the right […]

The Tips on Looking for the best Supplier For Your PCB Prototypes

When you are going to design and market a product for that you need of a PCB prototype,  what do you need do? it is a cheap prospect to Outsourcing printed circuit board prototype manufacturing to a company that specializes in manufacturing is a relatively more cost-effective idea. It is Important and urgent to looking for best […]

PCB Design & Layout Solution of FASTBOM

On FASTBOM, PCB Design and layout services are available for customers interested in assistance with their printed circuit board project. Our high tech specialties will provide all your PCB design with a solid reputation in high speed digital, analog, mixed-signal and RF systems. We design single, double, and high layer count (Up to 32 layers), Rigid, and Flex-Rigid […]

The introduction About PCB surface treatment of HASL and OSP

A PCB surface finish is a coating between a component and a bare board PCB., PCB surface treatment is the most basic process in order to to ensure solderability, and to protect exposed copper circuitry.  Due to the nature of the copper in the air tend to exist in the form of oxide, it is […]

The Importance of Surface Mount Printed Circuit Boards Technology

In recent years, with the large number of electronic products to small, light, high density development, especially the use of handheld equipment, components in materials technology are the original SMT technology presents a great challenge, so that the rapid development of SMT. Semiconductor packaging is constantly evolving. There are increased demands for increased functionality, added […]

Heavy Copper Printed Circuit Board Design

Heavy Copper PCBs are printed circuit boards with 3 or more ounces of finished copper in the inner and/or outer layers. Thermal management is more important than ever today as electronics are used in demanding environments and operate at higher currents. Heavy copper PCBs (copper conductors 5 oz/ft² – 19 oz/ft²  in inner and/or outer layers; sometimes […]

Chipsetter ONE: Desk Pick-And-Place Device

Chipsetter ONE: Desk Pick-And-Place Device Enjoy the video media down the page to read more related to this unique assembly device that is good for any workplace surroundings. As expected Chipsetter has released a fresh Desktop Pick-And-Place System using the Kickstarter crowdfunding site with the target of obtaining CAD $140,000 in the coming 4 weeks. […]